Rectangular steel tubes

Pickled, cold-rolled and zinc-coated carbon-steel tubes.

The company manufactures rectangular tubes for high precision uses, with external dimension between 15×10 mm and 110×30 mm and 100×40 mm. Their thickness is comprised between 0,60 mm and 3,00 mm.

The carbon-steel tubes are formed and electro welded and they come in the following finishings:

  • Tubes from hot rolled pickled steel strips;
  • Tubes from cold rolled steel strips;
  • Tubes from zinc-coated steel strips;
  • Tubes from high-strength steel strips (pickled, cold-rolled, zinc-coated);
  • Tubes from dual-phase steel strips;
  • Other materials upon request.

Steel tubes are employed in a variety of fields, ranging from furnishingenergy sectorindustrial applications  and the automotive sector.

Technical specifications
Tubi rettangolari in acciaio - Tubificio del Friuli
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Our production of produces rectangular steel tubes