High frequency electro-welded tubes for precision applications

Tubificio del Friuli SpA

Established in 2002, the Italian-born company is run by an expert team boasting an over 30-year experience within the steel sector.

As well as having a long experience in manufacturing low-carbon steel tubes for high precision uses, Tubificio del Friuli SpA has a well-established presence on the market.

The plant is located in Rivignano Teor, in the suburban fringe of Udine, and occupies a surface of approximately 60,000 sqm.
Its current manufacturing capacity is in excess of 100,000 tonnes a year.
Its steel tubes are employable in several product categories and suitable for over fifty applications within four main fields:

  • The furnishing sector;
  • The automotive sector;
  • Plants engineering;
  • The energy sector.
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Steel tubes

The company manufactures low-carbon, electro-welded and profile steel tubes for high precision uses and applications.

Its international market orientation has stretched the company’s export capacities to over 25 countries, both in Europe and overseas.
The company offers a full range of steel tubes coming in many different geometry, dimensions and qualities:

  • Round steel tubes
  • Square steel tubes
  • Rectangular steel tubes
  • Oval steel tubes
  • Semi-oval steel tubes
  • Elliptical steel tubes
  • Steel tubes with special sections.
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Quality and service

With a view to ensuring end user satisfaction and safety, the company has been steadily devoting time and resources to the improvement of its products and processes.
Investments have been made in the technological advancement of its manufacturing processes with the manifold purpose of obtaining steel tubes with fewer defects, ensuring a higher yield and increasing work safety.
Qualified materials are employed, the production process is constantly monitored and the production structure has been flexibilised.
Customers are guaranteed a constant and competent collaboration, firmly grounded in quality service and assistance at all times, both in Italy and abroad.
The company holds an ISO 9001:2015 certificate testifying to the high quality standard it has achieved.

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Having a managerial team with over 30-year experience within the steel sector and having had a lengthy presence on the market backed by positive customer feedback so far, the company falls short of being just a qualified supplier. It actually acts as a fully reliable partner in the development of new projects and products.

As such, the company offers a range of options besides its standard steel tubes: customer-specific and exclusive profiling, customised cutting to dimension and tube brushing.

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